Saturday, May 28, 2011

The End of May

The most anticipated day of the year for some people is not 
Christmas. It's the last day of school. Entire campuses full of teachers, administrators, lunch room ladies, janitors, kindergartners to high school seniors and of course school bus drivers, spend the months from the middle of August until the end of May in anticipation of this day. 

 Good bye!

Our schools let out in the late morning so it doesn't make sense for some of us to take our buses back to their parking place. We get on one of the buses and sneak off to the near by Cracker Barrel restaurant to eat a huge breakfast. This year the poor waitresses had not one, but two groups of rowdy school bus drivers to contend with.  I know they were glad to see the back of us.

Then we go back to the school and sit on the edge of our bus seats until the bell rings. The folks inside are doing the exact same thing. When the bell rings those kids get on the bus faster than they have all year. I think my bus was loaded in seven minutes. It usually takes about fifteen. Our principal sends a couple of teachers to ride with us on the last day to subvert any last minute shennanigans. Sometimes they are really helpful but this year I got two young men who sat in the front seat and talked about fishing and sports the whole time. They didn't even look at the kids. Luckily, I've been mean all year and mine were pretty good on the ride home.

This is it, the start of ten glorious weeks of sunshine, travel, and goofing off. Not just for the kids who ride my bus but for me, too. 

The end of May is the start of summer. 

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