Friday, August 19, 2011

The Girl Goes Traveling

My daughter, Brenna, left for a well deserved vacation recently. One of her friends from high school lives in New England and that’s where she decided to go for a long visit.

I drove her to the airport. On the way, I warned her, then gave The Mom Lecture. She listened with good grace and patience. She’s old enough now that it doesn’t offend her, but understands it means that I love her. I even asked if she had a jacket! Of course she did. I raised her to be responsible and independent and she certainly is. That’s wonderful but it means I don’t have too many chances to be Mommy any more. 

When we got to the airport I went in with her to make sure everything was okay with the ticket. That was the story anyway. The truth is: I just wanted to actually see her off on this new adventure. I saw her first breath, I saw her off to kindergarten, middle school, high school and college. I’ve seen her grow and change and blossom into this intelligent, beautiful young woman. Sometimes it just amazes me.

When I was hugging her goodbye at the security entrance, I had an intense flashback to when she was a baby. I loved holding her and kissing her sweet little baby head. It feels like I just blinked and here she is, all grown up and going off alone on an airplane. 

I wasn’t going to cry, but of course I did. Silly of me really. I know she’ll be back. Her car is here! Just kidding. Her family, friends and roots are here also. That's a powerful magnet.


  1. I love the sentiment, and had to laugh! I have an amazing daughter, too--with nearly-new copper red hair. Isn't it great that you've raised her to be tolerant of the old folks?

  2. She wasn't always that way. It's a new development and one I kind of like.

  3. Some things never change no matter how old they get! You will always be the Mother, loving, caring, and wanting them to stay safe - NO MATTER HOW OLD THEY GET!

  4. I suspect you're right, Cary. My mother is the same way about me and my sisters. Guess it goes with the territory. And that's okay.