Saturday, June 16, 2012

Zip Line At Red Mountain Park

After being driven away by a thunderstorm a few weeks ago we finally got to ride the Red Ore Zip Tour at Red Mountain Park. Fear Cheoil and I were joined by our friend Renee. 

We hiked up to "the can," a metal shipping container with all the equipment, and got geared up.

Fear Cheoil all strapped in.

When we got to the Tree House the lead guide introduced himself. 
"Hi, I'm Daredevil." 
Great. I was starting to get a little nervous and that ramped the butterflies up a notch. 

I didn't have to worry, though, he and the other two guides, Chelsea and Jewels, were all about safety. There wasn't a time when we weren't strapped to a steel cable of some sort.

After one short zip, just to get us used to the idea, there was a rope Burma Bridge, then a rope swing. 

Fear Cheoil follows Renee onto the Burma Bridge.

After that it was all zip line to the end. On one short section, Daredevil challenged us to go backwards. So, of course I did. It wasn't as scary as it sounds.

Renee is a small person and got stuck in the middle of one of the longer sections. Jewels had to zip out and pull her in. I was at the next "tripod" and didn't get to watch, but she told me it was like being hit head-on by a pro line backer. 

After that first scary section, it was hard not to laugh the whole way.

No, he's not screaming. Tarzan yell, maybe?

Here's Renee on one of the longer sections.


We were on the course for about an hour and a half. It cost $50 each, which is a good price as zip lines go. Most of them I've seen start at $80. Since we'd never been zip lining before it was a wonderful introduction. Definitely worth it and worth doing again.

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