Sunday, February 27, 2011

Wait For It...

But I just can’t! We’ve had Spring-like temperatures for the last week or two. My practical, conscious mind tells me, “Yes, but we always have cold weather in March and usually April.” However, my subconscious mind says, “Plant, plant, plant.” So, I made a compromise and decided to start a few seeds indoors. 

Can I hold it to three? Nah.

 All the packets say to start six weeks before the last frost. That puts it about the middle of April. That should give me enough time to get The Music Man to build a raised bed, or three. He made some square ones in the side yard for me a couple of years ago.

 Of course, Daisy had to supervise.

I'm going to be even more ambitious this year and put two 3x6 beds and one 2x6 bed in the middle of the back yard where it gets full sun. For me, gardening is a learn as you go type activity. I don't have a wise old grandmother to ask anymore and I don't have time to take classes. All I can do is read, then get my hands dirty. 

 Chives, Spinach, Mesclun, Iceberg and 
Black Seeded Simpson Lettuce and Onions. 

It feels like a good start to me!

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