Thursday, December 29, 2011


It's been a long time since I've written a post, but things in the Empty Nest have been busy! 

Fear Cheoil and I traveled up to Chattanooga, Tennessee for our anniversary in November. My sister lived there for a few years and it's one of my favorite places to visit. The downtown area is alive and busy every time I've been there. With so many fun activities to choose from sometimes it's hard to make a decision, but we opted for a dinner cruise on The Southern Belle. The food was delicious and it was peaceful to sit on the deck and watch the stars and city lights roll by.

This psyched me out because it wasn't the boat. It was the pier. 
The boat was on the other side where the smoke stacks are.

On Sunday, we walked around downtown for a little while. It was the first weekend in November and the leaves were at peak performance.

'Nuff said...

The Hunter Museum of American Art. Or maybe a space ship?

Walking from the Hunter Museum toward the Tennessee Aquarium.

Fear Cheoil makes a new friend.

 Pedestrian bridge across the Tennessee River.

The success of downtown Chattanooga is inspiring. It has taken a huge amount of dedication, collaboration and money to bring this kind of change about. There is a lot of history here. Some of it positive and some of it heart breaking. The city of Chattanooga embraces it all.


  1. Beautiful! I used to live in Chattanooga until we moved to B'ham. in 65. Tennessee is soooooo beautiful!!!

  2. It is beautiful up there! I would live there in a heart beat. There seem to be so many attractions and outdoor activities for all ages. I love the place.