Friday, March 25, 2011

Kidnapping Mother

My parents started taking care of my sister, Tracy, a couple of months after her stroke in late August 2010. In all that time, they’ve only gone out twice that I know of. Once to have dinner with some neighbors and a few weeks later, to have dinner at P. F. Chang’s. I stayed with Tracy both times. 

Last week, Tracy had a physical therapy appointment and my mother stayed home to get the taxes ready for the accountant. Daddy took her to physical therapy by himself. So, armed with that knowledge, on Tuesday, I arranged to kidnap my mother and take her to lunch!

Hi Mom!

The Girl is going to the Jeff State Culinary School and works in their Bistro Provare on Tuesday and Thursday. I’d never been there myself, so that’s where we went.

It has the casual elegance of a French Bistro, not that I’ve ever been in one. But, it’s what I imagine it to be like. There are white linen table cloths, covered with white paper. The menu changes from week to week but they always have salads, appetizers, sandwiches, entrees and pizza, oh and of course, dessert.  

Mom ordered a chicken salad sandwich and I got the Provare Burger. Both came with the choice of fresh fruit or truffle scented fries. We both opted for the fries, I’m afraid. They were freshly cut and had just a slight earthy hint of truffles. 

For dessert we both got the Tiramisu. It was delicious but I just couldn’t finish mine. Next time, we’ll split one!

Next week it's Daddy's turn to be kidnapped.

Bistro Provare is open for Spring Semester from 19 January until 29 April, Monday - Thursday, 11:30 - 1:00.

You can call (205) 983-5214 for reservations, but we didn't have one and were seated right away. You can check out the daily menu specials here. 

They follow Jeff State school holidays and weather schedule (so don't make plans to go if there is a tornado warning or a snow storm).

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