Sunday, June 5, 2011

Beach Reads

Every trip to the beach calls for a good book or two. Before we left, I downloaded Fiddler's Lament by DH Parker onto my Kindle to read in the truck on the way down. It's the third in the Fiddling With Murder series. In this story, an old classmate in trouble causes no end of complications for Constancy Stafford and fiance Danny Egan. It's a fun, exciting cozy mystery with more twists and turns than a Missouri Ozark back road. I couldn't put it down and finished it not long after we got home this afternoon.

Even though it's possible to read a Kindle outside I didn't want to take mine to the beach where it might disappear if we wanted to take a walk. For that reason, I stopped by Barnes and Noble  before we left and got A Long Shadow, by Charles Todd. I've followed his character, Ian Rutledge, for many books and this one is has as many layers of intrigue as all the others do. In this story, an apparent assassin is stalking Rutledge as he goes about investigating the shooting of a constable in a patch of woods thought to be haunted. Rutledge himself is haunted by the ghost of a man he killed in France while serving in the Great War. 

I haven't finished it yet but reading it will give me something to do while I recuperate from sunburn.


  1. Thanks, Karen. Glad you enjoyed it, and glad you had a fun time at the beach. Sunburn not good, though. :)

  2. Hey Donna,

    I did enjoy it and am looking forward to reading the next one! Jig of Bones, is it?

    As for the sunburn, I've had worse.