Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I Just Love Technolgy

I got an iPad2 for my birthday. We have a major trip to Ireland planned for the end of July and I'm trying to figure out how to blog with my new toy.

Here it is! The wall paper is a picture I got from
The interface here on BlogPress is a little different and I don't know where all the buttons are yet, but I'm learning. I can't change the font type or put in captions. It will probably look a little different, but that's the price you pay.

As much as I love all things outdoors, sometimes I find it odd that I like gadgets as much as I do. The original plan was to take my laptop but my sister took a similar sized one on a dive trip to The Philippines and the size and weight got to be a problem when she wanted to carry it with her. With this wonderful little device, I can take photos and videos and blog about whatever is going on in real time. Of course,There is about a six or seven hour difference from us here in the Central time zone. When we are dancing and playing at 11pm, I think it will be about five or six in the morning here. Oh well, I'll post it anyway.

I'll close with a picture from the last time we went to Ireland. This is from Slieve League ( Sliabh Liag in Irish). We won't be far from there this summer and I hope to go back for some "hill walking".

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