Friday, July 29, 2011

Belfast Lasses

We’ve met some wonderful people here. After the orientation on the first night, we met three women from Belfast, Northern Ireland. This is their first time here at Oideas Gael, too. They are Helen, Michelle and Ruth. I don’t know anybody’s last name. It’s like they don’t really exist while we’re here. The Belfast Lasses, as The Music Man and I call them, are a little younger than we are and a lot of fun for me to hang out with while my husband plays in the pub sessions.

Session at Roarty's on Wednesday night.

We have explored the Church of Ireland graveyard.

The Belfast Lasses and me in the church graveyard.

We save seats for each other at the evening concerts.

Michelle and Helen at the Wednesday night concert.

Ruth at the concert.

We’ve talked about our children, our pets and our jobs. It's fun to see them around the village and wave hello or stop to chat in the miniscule grocery shop. Makes it almost like home.

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