Thursday, July 14, 2011

To iPad Or Not To iPad. That Is The Question.

In one week until we leave for Ireland. Of course, I'm trying to decide what to pack. Not just clothes, but electronics. I'm not exactly a techie but that's the biggest decision facing me about what to take in the way of  devices. A girl's got to blog, after all.

The Music Man got me an iPad for my birthday and I love it almost as much as I do him.   I thought I'd just take it and leave the big honkin' laptop at home. I got a neat little toy to get pictures from the camera to the ipad. BUT I don't know how to load, store or edit video on the iPad and the camcorder is definitely going! There's not enough room on the iPad to store videos anyway. And yes, they do have broadband access at Oideas Gael.

So, I take the laptop, but do I take the iPad, too? I'm still undecided. I can use the iPad as a reader with iBooks or Kindle, leaving the Kindle at home. But, I don't want to show up in Ireland like the main character in the movie Local Hero. He shows up in a small village in Scotland with all kind of technology, only to lose it as he "goes native". Not to mention I don't want to have to keep up with all of it either.

I've got seven days to decide.


  1. I say go for it - take it!!! And while you are at it, have a BLAST!!!

  2. Thanks Cary, that's kind of the way I'm leaning. We are going to be doing some hiking and I don't want to load myself down with electronics. I'll have a tough enough time keeping up just carrying myself!