Monday, January 31, 2011

Are You A Writer?

One of the interesting things about going to a mystery conference is that you actually get to meet and talk to people who are famous mystery writers.

JoAnn and I got to the pre-conference dinner and chose a place right in front of the podium where the guest of honor, New York Times Best Selling author Erica Spindler, was going to speak. To my surprise, she sat down right across the table from us, introduced herself and asked if we were mystery writers.
I never know exactly what to say when somebody asks this question.

Technically, I am a writer and have been for several years. However, there seems to be an expectation that if you are a writer, you must have a book in print. No, that's an author.

It took a long time before I could call myself a writer. I didn't want people to think I was putting on airs or being a poser. When I actually finished a novel I realized how much work I'd put into it I decided it was okay to call myself a writer.

The next thing I want to be able to call myself is an author.

One of the most valuable presentations on Saturday was by literary agent Janet Reid who writes a blog called Query Shark for those brave enough to submit a query letter for her to critique. Just a warning: It ain't called Query Shark for nothing. 


  1. You're a writer on that upward slope of the learning curve. Enjoy the journey and don't hesitate to say, "Yeah, I'm a writer."

  2. Thanks, rlwalker, it's good to be on the up hill slope of something!