Sunday, January 16, 2011

More About Chickens

The last court of appeal for the Music Man was city hall.
"Before you order those chickens, call the city and make sure it's legal for us to have them."

I called that very day. When I explained what I wanted, the call was shunted off to the building code department.
The lady who answered there had put the call on speaker phone and I could hear people snickering in the background.

Me: I want to know if it's legal for me to have chickens in my backyard if I live in town.
Her (giggling): Your neighborhood doesn't have any covenants against it?
Me: No.
Her: I'd talk to my neighbors first if I were you.
Me: Already done that. They only object if I have a rooster.
Her: You can have as many chickens as you want in your own yard, even a rooster (loud guffaws could be heard from a man who was obviously listening in).

The Music Man sighed heavily when I related the conversation. "Okay, go ahead and get them."

I ordered them from Meyers Hatchery:

They arrived on the fifth of May.

When we told my parents that we had the chicks, my dad noted that I no longer had an empty nest.

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