Sunday, January 9, 2011

Winter Weather? Where?

We are supposed to be getting ice and snow. It was supposed to start after noon. The radar on The Weather Channel shows that we are getting freezing rain. I look out my window. Nope, nothing. Since I drive a school bus, I'm hoping to have a snow day tomorrow. Right now, it's not looking too promising, but that could change.

I've already called both of my kids to check on them and make sure they have a plan in case it does snow or ice over. They do. Guess I taught them well.

My husband suggested that we go to our favorite breakfast place today. Call it staving off cabin fever in advance. I also put on at least an inch of fat while we were there, just in case we are snowed in for days and run out of food. After that, we went to our favorite outdoor shop.

Most of the time I can call my husband the Music Man. He's just wired for it, plays several instruments and sings as well. Except for the time period between the middle of November and the end of January, when he becomes the Hunter and I become the Huntin' Widow.  

Actually, sometimes, especially in the month of January, I go with him. Last week was one of those. We helped one of the club members look for a deer he thought he'd hit. To be honest, I didn't help since it involved wading across an icy creek. But I did take video.

Hey, it's sleeting now.

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