Monday, January 10, 2011

Snow (Ice) Day!

We did finally get some winter weather! Instead of snow, we got sleet and ice. Nice. The only people I saw driving around today were in Jeeps and four wheel drive pick up trucks. The Hunter was going to try and make it into work but since our street is a sheet of ice, punctuated with frozen tire tracks he decided not to.

Our furry child, Daisy was not amused at being left outside for longer than it took to, well, you know. The Hunter got this baleful glare from her through the kitchen window.

We also have some feathered children. They didn't like the ice too much either.

I was supposed to be at a dance class tonight but instead I'll sit home, eat chili dogs and watch the Auburn Tigers play the Oregon Ducks (pfft) for the National Championship!
War Eagle!
If you don't live in Alabama, you don't understand and that's okay.

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