Thursday, January 20, 2011

A Hunting We Will Go

Another part of this empty nest thing is that I can go deer hunting with the Hunter on occasion. He belongs to a club a little over an hour south of where we live. I usually don't go until late December or early January. There are several reasons for this.
  1. I hate mosquitos and they buzz around until the end of November.
  2. There is too much to do getting ready for Christmas to go in early December for me to spend a whole day in the woods doing nothing but sitting my butt in a tree stand.
  3. The rut here doesn't start until after the first of January. Bucks get kind of stupid chasing the does around and don't really notice that there is a human in the vicinity. His mind is on one thing only. So, you tend to see more deer then anyway.
The first time we went this year was the day after Christmas. It was snowing!

The Hunter watched one sand bar.

And I watched the other.

Neither one of us saw a deer that day. We went back a couple of days after New Year's Eve. 

Some of the other hunters were looking for signs of a wounded deer along the creek. The tall one eventually had to wade across and look for a blood trail on the other side. It's a good thing he brought some waders.

I mainly just took video and got in everyone's way.

Stacy and Clinton from TLC's What Not To Wear would have a field day with me. Haha, they'd have to come into the field to get me!

Off to the woods for the afternoon. Hidden deep inside that backpack is a Kindle. Not every woman can say she spends the afternoon reading with a loaded .308 rifle across her lap.

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