Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Dino Dixie Chicks

The chicks were cute and they were messy. We converted a big plastic bin into a brooder and set them up in the garage.

They didn't stay little for long though. Before we were ready with the ark, they were in the dinosaur stage. This roughly corresponds with early adolescence so dinosaur is an appropriate description. Like T Rex.
Hey, can I eat that camera?

See what I mean about the dinosaur stage?

We did have some concerns about our dog, Daisy, sharing the backyard with them. She has been seen catching and eating live baby birds (gag) whenever she can. Other than that, she's a lovely dog. Really.

I'm a big fan of Cesar Milan so I used some of the Dog Whisperer mojo on her.

By July, the ark was ready.

Empty nest no more, sort of.

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